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An essay question could be:

Assess the sociological explanations of changes in the status of

Reasons, strengths weaknesses can be used in 4, 6 mark questions. Key terms
can be used in 2 mark questions.

A social construct:
Something that is created and defined by society

Sociologists argue…

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Aries: `As soon as a child could live without its nanny or his cradle rocker he
belonged to the adult society'.

·Childhood did not exist in history
High Infant Mortality resulted in parents not getting too close to children. They
referred to them as `it' while it was a baby…

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The Family
Children are no longer `seen and not heard'.
­ They are the focal point

Media output and many leisure activities are designed for children

Changing Status in Children: The Conflict View

Marxists and feminists reject the march of progress view:
They see childhood as a time of…

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­ Only safeguarding interests
· Children remain under adult control as they are powerless

Inequalities Between Children

Feminist View:
Boys are more likely to cross the road and cycle wherever they want

Girls do more domestic labour in lone parent households they do 5 times more
than boys


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