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Child Psychology
A2 psychology…read more

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Exam tips
Look at marks
Assess means evaluate
Discuss means describe and evaluate
READ THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!…read more

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Child Psychology
About the development of the individual from
before birth to adolescence and beyond, in
that what we experience as children affects
our later development…read more

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Key definitions
Day care
Separation anxiety…read more

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Naturalistic observations
Structured observations (such as the strange
Cross-cultural ways of studying children
Longitudinal ways of studying children…read more

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Bowlby's theory of attachment
Follows a psychodynamic approach in that a child's early
years are considered critical, particularly mother-child
When young children separated from mothers, experience
strong emotions related to loss. Stages are
1. Distress
2. (if separation continues) Despair
3. Detachment or `disattachment'
Bowlby came to these conclusions from observations in
hospitals and clinical interviews with young adolescents who
had experienced separation.
Attachment is an evolutionary process (young apes cling to
mothers, when older, mothers still used as a base)…read more

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