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Child care revision
Exam style questions
Suggest some suitable methods to teach a child good discipline
Firstly teaching a child discipline requires a great deal of patience and tact and should be done with
common sense. After the skills required we can start to get some parenting guide to discipline. Firstly
you should deal with any problem immediately and explain to the child what they are. You should
make sure your child is above one because of they are under they do not really understand. By 3 they
should know the differences between bad and good behaviour. Be reasonable and give a child a
command they understand and they should be limited and don't forget to look at things from the
child point of view. Be fair and firm don't expect your child to be perfect. Try not to say no, but if you
do make sure it is really no. some rules are not just negotiable. Do not make threat unless you know
you would carry them out, and lastly praising and encouraging a child is really good mostly if they
demonstrate a good behaviour, constant criticism result to low self- esteem


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