Child Development - Types of Family

all the different types of family with advantages and disadvantages

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Types of family
Nuclear Extended
Parents and children live A large family group living
together in the home near or in the same house
Contact with other family There is practical help with
members is limited child care (eg. baby sitting)
Mum, dad and child/children and emotional support
Advs: Disads: Advs: Disads:
o Parents can make their own o Child care will have to be o There's always someone to o The family knows all your
decisions paid for look after the children in an business
o Smaller houses are more o Parents, grandparents will emergency o There may be
affordable miss out on a close o Family members help out disagreements about how
relationship and look after each other to bring up a child
o Close family bonding Lack of independence
Lone parent (single Shared care
1 parent +child/children Parents have split up but
This can be the result of: share the care of their
o Divorce children
o Death of a parent Joint decisions are made
o Adoption by a single and children maintain
parent relationships with both
o An absent parent(eg. parents
who works abroad, in
hospital or prison)

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