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Types of family
Nuclear Extended

Parents and children live A large family group living
together in the home near or in the same house
Contact with other family There is practical help with
members is limited child care (eg. baby sitting)
Mum, dad and child/children and emotional support
Advs: Disads:…

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o Surrogacy
o A single woman
giving birth after rape.
Advs: Disads: Advs: Disads:
o Children will be less o The child will be lacking a o The child gets to spend time o Listening to one parent bad
traumatised by an unhappy role model with both parents mouthing the…

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o Jealousy of step o When adopting younger
brothers/sisters children, when do you tell
o May be confusion of the them their adopted?
roles of parents (eg. who
should be the disciplinarian)
A child/children are looked
after on a temporary basis
Foster parents are paid by
the local authority…


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