Child Development Revision - Infertility

Revision notes for Child Development examination on infertility, microsoft word document

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Child Development Revision ­ Infertility
Infertility is one year of unprotected sex without conception
`Primary Infertility' occurs when a couple have never achieved a pregnancy
`Secondary Infertility' occurs when at least one previous conception has taken
20-25% of couples conceive within one cycle
50% should conceive after 3-4 months
95% should conceive after one year
Other reasons:
Age ­ Fertility decreases after the age of 30. Even if severely low sperm count
at present a female under 30 may compensate by her fertility
Most fertile age is around 25
Male Infertility
Sperm production ­ not enough
Sperm quality ­ poor/abnormal
Blocked tubes
Questions that would be asked to a male
Katie Bowe

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Infertility duration
Prior fertility
Medical and surgical history
Medications (Steroids, Chemotherapy act.…read more


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