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Child Abuse
By Becky, Sian, Qudrat and
Becca…read more

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What is Child Abuse
· Child abuse is a generic term describing the
physical or mental mistreatment of anyone under
the age of 16.
· This abuse takes a variety of forms, from serious
sexual and physical assaults to mental and
psychological ill-treatment.
· Child abuse can be conducted by both commission,
such as with sexual assault, or by omission, as in
the case of neglect or abandonment.
· Child abuse is a particularly sensitive, emotive and
delicate issue, and is widely perceived as a heinous
crime by the general public.
· Most forms of child abuse are a criminal offence
but civil actions may be taken in negligence against
local authorities and police entrusted with child
protection…read more

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Examples of child abuse
· Baby Peter died at the hands of his mother, her
boyfriend and her lodger in August 2007, but the
spike in care applications did not happen until after
the court case in November 2008, which uncovered
the scale of Baby Peter's neglect, abuse and the
terrible circumstances of his death.…read more

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EzuwA…read more

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What not to believe
· MYTH: It's only abuse if it's violent:
· FACT: Child abuse can come in many forms, not just physical abuse. There
is also emotional, sexual and neglect.
· MYTH: Only `bad' people abuse their children
· FACT: Not all abusers intentionally harm their children, for they might be
victims of abuse themselves, and therefore fail to know any other way of
parenting. Other parents may be struggling with mental health issues and/or
have an addiction (alcohol, drugs etc)
· MYTH: Child abuse doesn't happen in `good' families
· FACT: Child abuse doesn't only happen in poor families from bad
neighbourhoods. It is apparent across all races, classes and cultures.
· MYTH: Most child abusers are strangers to the children they are abusing
FACT: Most abusers are family members or people who are close to the
child's family
· MYTH: Abused children always grow up to be abusers themselves
FACT: Whilst this is somewhat true, other child abuse survivors grow up
determined to protect their children from what they went through…read more

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· 11% of children aged under 16 experienced
sexual abuse during childhood by people
known but unrelated to them.
Last year ChildLine counsellors answered
508,943 contacts from children asking
directly for help, advice and protection.
· About 55,000 of these used their online
one-to-one and email counselling services.
· Around 810,000 children visited after
September 2009, when the new service
officially launched.…read more


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