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Energetic Kinetics
Enthalpy Change(DH) is the heat energy change measured Collision Theory
under conditions of constant pressure Reactions can only occur when collisions
take place between particles having sufficient energy
Standard enthalpy changes refer to standard
conditions, i.e. 100 kPa and a stated temperature Activation energythe minimum energy required for…

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Group 2, the Alkaline Earth Metals Extraction of Metals
Melting point decreases down the group, increase sulfide ores are usually converted into
in size of atom so weaker attraction by the nucles oxides by roasting in air e.g. 2ZnS(s) + 3O2(g)
2ZnO(s) + 2SO2(g)
for delocalised electrons SO2 make sulphuric…

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Alkenes (mostly electrophilic addition) Alcohols
know that alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons Aldehydes and Ketones are carbonyl compoundsthey
know that bonding in alkenes involves a double covalent have functional group C=O their general formula is
bond CnH2nO
know that the arrangement >C=C< is planar Aldehydes has suffix ­al and they have…


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