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C2 Keywords.

Acid: A sour substance which can attack metal, clothing or skin. The chemical is the
opposite of an alkali. When dissolved in water is has a pH less than 7. Acids are
proton (H+ ion) donors.
Activation Energy: The minimum energy needed to start off a reaction.

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Giant Covalent Structure: A huge 3D network of covalently bonded atoms (e.g.
diamond or graphite).
Giant Lattice: A huge 3D network of atoms or ions.
Half Equation: An equation that describes reduction or oxidation, such as reactions
that take place at the electrodes during electrolysis.
Hydrated: Describes a substance that…

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Relative Formula Mass: The total of the relative atomic masses, added up in the
ratio shown in a chemical formula of a substance.
Retention Time: The time it takes a component in a mixture to pass through the
column during gas chromatography.
Salt: A salt is a compound formed when…


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