Chemistry Unit2 - fill in the gaps

This document contains a couple of pages of notes where you have to fill in the gaps, it helps you to remember things rather than just reading them. It covers energy, rates of reactions, electrolysis, acids and alkalis, reversible reactions in short simple sentences that will help you revise unit2 (...hopefully!!)

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Chemistry Unit 2 ­ Quick Revision Notes

The ____ of a reaction is measured as either the amount of ________ used up in a given
time or the amount of _______ formed in a given time.
In order for a reaction to occur, the particles must _______.
If more collisions…

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The equilibrium position can be adjusted by changing conditions of temperature and
pressure. This can be used to our advantage in industry.
An ________ in temperature favours the endothermic direction.
An ________ in pressure favours the direction with a decrease in the number of moles of
The conditions for…

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A low pH means that there is a ____ concentration of H+(aq) ions (hydrated protons) and so
the solution is strongly ______.
A high pH value means that the solution has a high concentration of OH(aq) ions (hydrated
hydroxide ions) and so is strongly alkaline.
Neutralisation is the reaction between…


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