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The Earth's Atmosphere
Present day atmosphere contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% noble
gases and about 0.03% CO2
Carbon dioxide, water vapour Oxygen Nitrogen Noble gases…read more

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Humans pollute the Earth in a number of ways:
Pollutant Harmful to... Why?
Carbon dioxide Environment A greenhouse gas that causes
global warming
Nitrogen oxides Environment + Causes acid rain and makes
humans asthma/breathing problems worse
Sulfur dioxide Environment Causes acid rain
Particulates (e.g. Environment + Makes buildings dirty and makes
Smoke) humans asthma worse
Carbon momoxide Humans Displaces oxygen in red blood cells
that can result in death…read more

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Measuring pollution
Low concentration High concentration
Concentration is measured in Parts per
Million (ppm) or Parts per Billion (ppb).…read more

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Some sample data
Location Time Carbon monoxide
concentration (ppm)
London 9am 6.4
11am 6.2
1pm 5.9
3pm 3.1
5pm 6.3
The Cotswolds 9am 0.2
11am 0.2
1pm 0.1
3pm 0.2
5pm 0.1…read more

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If a solid, liquid or gas is made up of only one type of
atom we say it is an element. For example, consider a
tripod made up of iron:
These atoms are
ALL iron ­ there's
nothing else in here…read more

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