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Chemistry Revision
Unit 3B
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Tests on solids
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Heating the Solid
· Indicates whether solid is a nitrate, a
carbonate or ammonium chloride.
· Heat gently at first, then strongly
· Look for melting/sublimation
· Look for if a gas is evolved
· Test the gas
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Heating the gas ­ observations &
Test Observations Inferences
Nitrate ·Melts & produces a ·It's either potassium nitrate or
colourless gas which relights sodium nitrate
glowing splint
·Melts & gives off brown ·It's either a group 2 nitrate or
gas and one which relights lithium nitrate
glowing splint
Carbonate / ·Water droplets condense ·It's a group 1
hydrogencarbonate on upper part of tube & gas hydrogencarbonate
is produced & turns lime
water milky
·Gas is evolved, turning ·It's either a lithium
lime water milky (no H2O) hydrogencarbonate or a group
2 hydrogencarbonate
Ammonium Chloride ·Solid sublimes (solid ·It's ammonium chloride
reforms in upper part of test
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· Thermal decomp. of potassium nitrate:
2KNO3 (s) -> 2KNO2 (s) + O2 (g)
· Thermal decomp. of magnesium nitrate:
2Mg(NO3)2 (s) -> 2MgO (s) + 4NO2 (g) + O2 (g)
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Flame test
· Clean your wire by dipping it into conc.
hydrochloric acid & put it into the hot part of
the Bunsen flame until has no colour.
· Dip it into conc. HCl & put it into the solid &
straight into the hot part of the Bunsen flame.
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