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The Reactions of the Halogens

FluorineChlorine Bromine Iodine

Oxidation of a halide ion by a halogen

F- Cl- Br- I-
/ Yes Yes Yes
No / Yes Yes
No No / Yes
No No No /

Remember OIL RIG (Oxidation Is Loss, Reduction Is Gain)


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The Reactions of the Halogens

The reactions of sodium halides with conc. sulfuric acid

Sodium Chloride (solid)
Drops of conc. acid added to the solid.
Hydrogen Chloride is produced - steamy fumes.
Solid produced - sodium hydrogensulfate

NaCl (s) + H2SO4 (l) -> NaHSO4 (s) + HCl (g)
(Not a…

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The Reactions of the Halogens

Identifying metal halides with silver ions
All metal halides (except fluorides - precipitate is soluble) react with silver ions in aqueous solution,
for example in silver nitrate, to form a precipitate of the insoluble silver halide.

For example:
Cl- (aq) + Ag+ (aq) -> AgCl…


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