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The Reactions of Alcohols

Alcohols burn if there is enough oxygen available, like hydrocarbons, producing carbon dioxide and

Combustion is usually complete oxidation. Alcohols can also be oxidised gently and in stages.

Primary alcohols are oxidised to aldehydes., RCHO. Aldehydes can be further oxidised to carboxylic
acids, RCOOH.…

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The Reactions of Alcohols

Aldehydes and Ketones

Aldehydes and ketones both have the C=O group (carbonyl group)
In aldehydes it is at the end of the hydrocarbon chain:

(RCHO) Suffix = al

In ketones it is in the body of the hydrocarbon chain

(RCHOR') Suffix = one

So CH3CHO is…

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The Reactions of Alcohols

Elimination Reactions
Elimination reactions are ones in which a small molecules leaves the parent molecule. In the case of
alcohols, it is water. The water is made from the -OH group and a hydrogen from the carbon next to
the -OH group. The elimination reactions of…


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