Chemistry - Formula Equations

Key formulas you need to learn for chemsitry

Although many are aware of them, few actually memorise and practise them.. slowing you down in your exams..

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Just learnt the basic formula and you will be able to adapt and apply in any chemical equation.
One key factor, you need to be aware is that, it DOESN'T matter which order you write the equation
For example, these two forms are both correct...
Metal + Acid ---> Salt + Hydrogen
Acid + Metal ---> Salt + Hydrogen
Metal + Acid ---> Salt and Hydrogen
For example:
Sodium + Hydrochloric acid ---> Sodium Chloride + Hydrogen
Lead + Nitric acid --- > Lead Nitrate + Hydrogen
Copper + Sulfuric acid ---> Copper Sulfate + Hydrogen
Metal Oxide (or Hydroxide) + Acid ---> Salt + Water
For example:
Copper Oxide + Sulfuric Acid ---> Copper Sulfate + Water
Magnesium Oxide + Hydrochloric acid ---> Magnesium Chloride + Water
Zinc Oxide + Nitric Acid ---> Zinc Nitrate + Water
Metal Carbonate + Acid ---> Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide
For example:
Magnesium Carbonate + Nitric acid ---> Magnesium Nitrate + Water + Carbon Dioxide
Calcium Carbonate + Hydrochloric acid ---> Calcium Chloride + Water + Carbon Dioxide


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