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Atoms, Compounds, and Isotopes
Ionic Bonding
Ions and Formulas
Electronic Structure of Ions
Covalent Bonding
More Covalent Bonding
Covalent Substances: Two kinds
Metallic Structures
New Materials
Relative Formula Mass
Two Formula Mass Calculations
Calculating Masses in Reactions
Percentage Yield and Reversible Reactions
Chemical Analysis and Instrumental
Rate Of Reaction
Measuring Rate of Reaction
Rate of Reaction Experiments
Collison Theory
Collision Theory and Catalysts
Energy Transfer in Reactions
Acids and Alkalis
Acids Reacting with Metals
Oxides, Hydroxides and Ammonia
Making Salts
Electrolysis of Sodium Chloride Solution
Extraction of Aluminium and Electroplating
Atoms and Elements
The Periodic Table
Electron Shells
Balancing Equations
Using Limestone

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Getting Metals From Rocks
Impacts of Extracting Metals
Properties of Metals
Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil
Properties and Uses of Crude Oils
Using Crude Oil as a Fuel
Environmental Problems
More Environmental Problems
Cracking Crude Oil
Alkenes and Ethanol
Using Alkenes to Make Polymers
Plant Oils
Plate Tectonics
The Earths Structure
The Evolution of the Atmosphere
Life, Resources and Atmospheric Change
History of the Periodic Table
The Modern Periodic Table
Group 1 ­ the Alkali Metals
Group 7 ­ the Halogens
Transition Elements…read more

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Energy and Fuels
Bond Energies
Getting Energy from Hydrogen
Tests for Positive Ions
Tests for negative Ions…read more


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