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Atoms, Compounds, and Isotopes
Ionic Bonding
Ions and Formulas
Electronic Structure of Ions
Covalent Bonding
More Covalent Bonding
Covalent Substances: Two kinds
Metallic Structures
New Materials
Relative Formula Mass
Two Formula Mass Calculations
Calculating Masses in Reactions
Percentage Yield and Reversible Reactions
Chemical Analysis and Instrumental

Rate Of…

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Getting Metals From Rocks
Impacts of Extracting Metals
Properties of Metals
Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil
Properties and Uses of Crude Oils
Using Crude Oil as a Fuel
Environmental Problems
More Environmental Problems

Cracking Crude Oil
Alkenes and Ethanol
Using Alkenes to Make Polymers
Plant Oils
Plate Tectonics…

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Energy and Fuels
Bond Energies
Getting Energy from Hydrogen
Tests for Positive Ions
Tests for negative Ions


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