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Chemistry chromatography Revision
Question: How does gas chromatography separate the
substances in a mixture of gases?
Answer: The mixture of gases is injected into the machine
and vaporised. The sample passes through a long column
packed with a solid that is wound into coil. An inert gas
such as nitrogen…

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Question : what is key piece of information do we find from
mass spectroscopy in order to help identify a compound
Answer : the Mr , which is the peak furthest to the right
which is the molecular ion peak and shows the Mr of the
Question: how does…

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Question : in paper chromatography why must the solvent be
below the spots
Answer : so the substances don't dissolve in water
Question: what is paper chromatography used for?
Answer :analysing coloured substances , such as the coloured
pigments in plants and artificial colours used as food
Question: what…

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Answer: so that the dye out of the pen didn't dissolve in the
water and travel ups the chromatography paper.

Gas chromatography


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Largest substance in mixture = 111
Mass spectroscopy

Mr = 100
Paper chromatography

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