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1.1 Atoms, elements and compounds

COMPOUND- a substance made of two or more types of atom chemically joined together
ELEMENT- a substance made of only one type of atom
MIXTURE- a combination of two or more elements in a way that allows each element to keep its own chemical…

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mortar holds building materials together, the lime in the mortar reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air, producing calcium carbonate,
this means that the building materials are effectively held together by stone, making the construction very strong.
slaked lime + carbon dioxide => Calcium carbonate + water
the amount…

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2)At the high temp blast furnace=> the co2 reacts again with coke = carbon monoxide
3) Carbon monoxide reacts with iron oxide, removing oxygen, reducing it to molten iron, which flows to the bottom of the blast
Fe2O3 + 3CO => 2Fe + 3CO2
a) Some is left…

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hard, tough, strong but malleable.
all have very high melting points, apart from mercury
These properties= many uses: buildings, cars, trains, transport.
strength=useful as construction metals.
good conductors= heating and electrical wiring.
Example of transition metal- Copper. not particularly strong bent/shaped easily. conducts heat/electricity well doesn't react with
water. ideal…

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1)Complexing agents increase uptake of crop.
2)Crops grow on soil containing metal concentration
3)Plant material is burned, possible production of electricity.
4)Small volume of plant ash (bio-ore) high amount of metal
5)Smelt bio-ore to yield metal.
Recycling Fridges ­ Recycling is easier than extracting metals. It is not always easy…

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OR CH + 5O 3CO + 4HO
Notice how we need 5 molecules of oxygen for the propane to burn. This creates 3 molecules of Carbon Dioxide and 4 molecules of water.
The equation is therefore BALANCED!!!
As well as hydrocarbons all fossil fuels, (coal, oil and natural gas), contain…

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Plant fuels- Fossil fuels used to produce electricity and drive our cars have big disadvantages: production of CO and other pollutants.
They are also non-renewable; once they run out we can't replace them. Plants could be one answer to this problem

Plants that make sugar can be used to produce…


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