Chemistry AQA AS Unit 2 Equilibria

Made these notes for my year 12 summer exam to revise and read over. There are spelling mistakes in most of my files but due to the busy exam schedule I had no time to correct them (sorry).

Most files have more information than what is needed but I feel it helps you feel more confident walking into the exam if you have a greater knowledge background and may help when having to apply knowledge to questions. Good luck :)

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EQUILIBRIUM MIXTURE: Where the forward and backwards reactions are still occurring but at the
same rate in a closed system.

1) Concentration of reactants and products is CONSTANT
2) Rate of the forward and reverse reactions is the same

Initially the rate in the forward direction is…

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Changing concentration
F (aq) + G (aq) H (aq) + I (aq)
Increasing [G (aq)] will shift equilibrium to the right to oppose the effect. F will decrease
as being used up.
Increasing [H (aq)] will shift equilibrium to the left to oppose the effect. I will decrease as being…


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