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Chemistry unit 1 section 6 Alkanes

Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons.
They contain only carbon-carbon and carbon-hydrogen single bonds.
They are the least reactive of the organic compounds.
The main source is crude oil.

Hydrocarbon- a compound consisting only of hydrogen and carbon
Saturated- Contain single carbon -carbon bonds only

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Chemistry unit 1 section 6 Alkanes

Cracking- conversion of large hydrocarbons to smaller molecules by breakage of
C-C bonds
High MR alkanes -> Smaller Mr alkanes + alkenes

Thermal Cracking
High presser- 7000kPA
HIgh temperature- 400- 900
Mainly alkenes( which can be used to make polymers and…

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Chemistry unit 1 section 6 Alkanes

SO can be removed by flue gas desulpherisation. The gases pas through a scrubber
containing calcium oxide which reacts which the sulphur dioxide.
SO+ CaO -> CaSO
The calcium sulphite can be used to make calcium sulphate which is used for
plaster board


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Chemistry unit 1 section 6 Alkanes


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