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Chemistry 2b
Reaction Rates, Salts and Electrolysis…read more

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Rate of Reaction
· One of the slowest reactions is the rusting of iron
· A moderate speed reaction is a metal (like magnesium) reacting with
acid to produce bubbles
· A really fast reaction is an explosion
Rate of Reaction depends on 4 things:
-concentration (or pressure for gases)
-surface area of solids (or size of solid pieces)…read more

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Increased Rate of Reaction is due to:
1. Increase in temperature
2. Increase in concentration (or pressure)
3. Catalyst added
4. Solid reactant crushed up into smaller bits (larger surface area)
Rate of reaction= amount of reactant used or amount of product formed
time…read more

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Rate of Reaction Graphs
Typical rate of Shows how rate of reaction
reaction graph can be increased…read more

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Measuring Rates of Reaction…read more

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· Product is a precipitate which clouds the solution
· Observe a mark through the solution and measure how long it takes
for it to disappear
· The quicker the mark disappears, the quicker the rate of reaction
· ^It only works if the initial solution is rather see-through
· The result is very subjective because different people may not agree
over the exact point the mark disappeared…read more

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