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Chemistry 1a…read more

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Elements, compounds and mixtures…read more

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Elements, compounds and mixtures
element Mixture of 2
compound Mixture of 2 compound
compounds…read more

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· Elements react together to form
compounds. Example - hydrogen plus
oxygen makes water.
· If elements are mixed together but do not
react it is a mixture ­ mixtures are easy to
· It is difficult to get the elements back from
a compound it is difficult to separate the
hydrogen and oxygen in water.…read more

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Atoms are composed of...
The neutrons and
Neutrons protons make the
= Neutron = Proton = Electron
Electrons…read more

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Atomic structure
The protons and neutrons
are found in the centre
or nucleus.
The electrons
move around the nucleus
in zones called orbitals
or shells.
= Neutron = Proton = Electron…read more

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