Chemistry C1,C2,C3 Quiz OCR 21st Century

Hi everyone. This is a simple chemistry C1,C2,C3 quiz. It is to help you to make sure that you have understood everything in the three modules. If there are any suggestions or improvements, please tell me.

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Chemistry Quiz…read more

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State the two ways in which carbon
dioxide was removed from the early
atmosphere.…read more

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Give the names of the gases in the
current atmosphere and their
percentages.…read more

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Name the five pollutants that can be
found in the air.
Hint: Three of them have to do with carbon.…read more

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Name a pollutant that is directly
harmful to humans.
Hint: Think about which gas affects the human body directly and which could kills us.…read more

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What is it called when no atoms or
mass is lost during a chemical
Hint: The word `mass' is in the phrase.…read more

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do you not have the answer sheet?



It should have the answers in the Powerpoint. I created it, so there is no official answer sheet, but they are sensible answers, as they are collected from several books.

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