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Chemical Quantities
- Atom: smallest particle of an element
- Element: simplest chemical
- Ion: an atom, or group of atoms, which has become electrically
charged by loss or gain of electrons
- Molecule: particle containing two or more atoms joined
- Compound: chemical containing two or more…

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- Formation (Hof): enthalpy change which occurs when 1 mole of the compound is formed from its
elements under standard conditions, and with everything in its standard state.
- Combustion (Hoc): full combustion of 1 mole of the compound in oxygen under standard
conditions, and with everything in…

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Hesss Law
- = Enthalpy change of a reaction is the same regardless of the route taken provided the conditions
remain constant
- We can calculate Hf from Hc, and we can calculate Hreaction from Hf
- E.g. To find enthalpy of decomposition of CaCO3 (impossible to measure energy…


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