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It is a state at which
the rate of forward
reaction becomes
exactly like the rate
of reverse reaction.…read more

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Note ­
1. Chemical equilibrium
can be established at
any stage.
2. It is dynamic in
3. At chemical Eq: the
conc: of reactants &
products become
constant.…read more

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Chemical equilibrium is
dynamic in nature
because at this stage
forward & reverse
reactions don't stop
but proceed with the
same speed.…read more

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Equilibrium law
Rate of a reaction is
directly proportional to
the product of the molar
concentration of the
reactants raising power
equal to the co-efficient
in a balanced chemical
equation.…read more

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constant…read more

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What does equilibrium
constant tell us?
Kc or Kp tells us how far a
reaction proceeds to
K > 1 * 1010 = Reaction
proceeds to completion,
leaving very small
amounts of reactants at
eq:…read more

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