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Atom ­ the smallest unit of matter "indivisible"
atom…read more

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electron shells
a) Atomic number = number of Electrons
b) Electrons vary in the amount of energy they
possess, and they occur at certain energy
levels or electron shells.
c) Electron shells determine how an atom
behaves when it encounters other atoms…read more

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Electrons are placed in shells
according to rules:
1) The 1st shell can hold up to two electrons,
and each shell thereafter can hold up to 8
electrons.…read more

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Octet Rule = atoms tend to gain, lose or share electrons so
as to have 8 electrons
C would like to Gain 4 electrons
N would like to Gain 3 electrons
O would like to Gain 2 electrons…read more

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Why are electrons important?
1) Elements have different electron
different electron configurations mean different
levels of bonding…read more

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