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Chemical analysis

How to Identify Metal ions

1) Flame test
Lithium: crimson red
Sodium: yellow/orange
Potassium: lilac
Calcium: brick red
Barium: green
2) Adding Sodium hydroxide
Calcium: white
Copper: blue
Iron (ll): sludgy green
Iron (lll): Reddish brown
Aluminium: white
Magnesium: white
3) Dissolving in excess sodium hydroxide (to distinguish…

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Chemical analysis

Silver bromide: cream
Silver iodide: yellow

Sulphate ions

7) White precipitate
dissolve in hydrochloric acid
add Barium Chloride
a white precipitate forms

Test for saturated bonds

8) Add bromine water
Unsaturated ­ water decolourises
Saturated: Colour will stay brown

Test for water

9) Anhydrous cobalt chloride paper


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