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Ajay Rai

Compounds containing the carbonyl group:

Aldehydes and ketones both contain a carbonyl group (>C=O).

A solution of potassium dichromate(VI) acidified with dilute sulphuric acid will oxidise primary
alcohols (RCH2OH). The orange Cr2O72 ion is reduced to the green chromium(III) cation (Cr3+)
during the reaction, indicating that oxidation has…

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Ajay Rai

Both the reduction and oxidation reactions are of the nucleophilic addition mechanism. NaBH4
provides hydride ions (:H).

Carboxylic acids with fewer than 6 carbon atoms per molecules are water soluble. In aqueous
solution they're only slightly ionised to give low concentrations of hydrogen and alkanoate ions.
The partial…


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