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By Kirsty Jones…read more

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C-H and C-C bonds are non polar
Most chemicals are polar.
Alkanes can only react with non-polar things,
e.g. Oxygen or the halogens (group 7), if
provided with enough energy.…read more

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Occur in photochemical reactions ­ which only
occur in the presence of ultraviolet light.
H is substituted with Cl or Br.
This is a free radical reaction.…read more

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Free radical = particles with unpaired electron.
E.g. Cl·, CH3·.
Occur when bonds break evenly highly
reactive!…read more

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Example of a photochemical free-radical
CH4 + Cl2 CH3Cl + HCl
Reaction has three stages:
1. Initiation reactions
2. Propagation reactions
3. Termination reactions…read more

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Free radicals produced
Sunlight provides enough energy to break
Cl-Cl bond photodissociation.
Cl2 2Cl…read more

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