Charles I position in 1649

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Charles Position in 1646
Parliament controlled London Capital city, provided people and supplies for
Charles still believed in the divine right of kings so his attitude to negotiations
was no sincere.
The Oxford parliament Charles had called were all Royalists
Charles lost the war ­ Defeated (many people believed this was god's judgement
and starting a second civil war would be against gods judgement)
The people of Britain already had a low opinion of him
Inferior fighting force ­ chance of restarting war was low
Constitutional monarchy ­ his life was not (yet) under threat the system was
still intact (Charles was still King). People still saw the king as the head of the
state and government.
Charles was fundamental to any decision reached he still has a right to make a
decision ­ he does not need to agree to anything.
Worked with the oxford parliament (could actually WORK with this one)
Had an heir in place ­ the kings succession was intact
Parliament were still divided (his enemies) and some divisions in the New Model
Army and Scotland
Monarchy was a strong symbol been around for hundreds of years would be a
very scary change to go without one for the common people.


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