Charles' court

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Charles' court
Charles's court was known for being informal and debauched (lots of
knocking boots) for example the Early of Rochester died at age 33 from
alcoholism and syphilis. Charles had multiple mistresses (Barbara
Villiers) and his behaviour reduced the reputation of the monarchy, there
were link made between his government's failings and his own personal
Charles tried to copy Louis XIV's court at Versailles, there were paintings,
music and architecture, Charles di this in order to try and project the
power of the monarchy and signify his wealth. Charles became associated
with Catholicism, like his father, Charles II had a number of prominent
Catholics at court (Henrietta Maria, Catherine of Braganza and the soon to
be James II), this helped fuel rumours of a Catholic conspiracy and the
presence of Catholics at court led to many believe Charles II was secretly a


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