Charge of The Light Brigade Model Essay

This is a model essay on the poem "Charge of The Light Brigade", this essay comments on most of the language devices used in the poem, this is essentially great for revision and even better for practice! 

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Shire Barre 26/02/2016
Charge of the Light Brigade Essay

What makes this such a powerful poem?
"Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson allows readers to engage in the
poet's choice of abstract language. While reading this poem, readers are obliged to find the
real meaning of the…

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personified to have jaws and a mouth, which is then compared to death and hell. This makes
the reader feel empathy towards the soldiers through imagery. These lines reveal to the
reader how truly terrifying the valley was. It also shows the bravery of the Light Brigade, how
they rode…


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