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Characters in Lord of the Flies

Old English: `Wolf Council'

Charismatic Protagonist
Fair hair, tall and athletic
Represents order, civilisation, productive leadership
At beginning of novel, presented as perfect and infallible
Wants to get rescued: sets about building huts and making a signal fire
Democratically elected leader; has secure…

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Characters in Lord of the Flies

Old English: Lord of the Land Hebrew: `Jacob' ­ One who takes over

Merridew: Lord of the Place

Leader of the choir and head boy at school, so a natural leader
However, he is a bully and disregards the health of Simon when…

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Characters in Lord of the Flies

We never find out Piggy's real name ­ he is known only as Piggy

Represents the rational side of civilisation of the adult world. Always tries to act according to an absolute set
of standards
Physically disadvantaged; overweight, asthma, short-sighted. Needs his glasses…

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Characters in Lord of the Flies

Hebrew: `Shim `on' ­ One who listens or observes"

First seen in choir robes, as a member of Jack's choir. Jack is not concerned when he faints ­ so we know that
Simon is physically weak
At first, his hair is hiding his…

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Characters in Lord of the Flies

Old English: Good with Spear

A member of Jack's choir, first described as slight and furtive
Sadistic, crueller boy who brutalises the littluns and eventually murders piggy with a boulder ­ with no order
from Jack. Almost as if he doesn't like being…

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Characters in Lord of the Flies

Sam `n' Eric
Remain closely allied with Ralph [good] for most of the novel, however turn to evil when forced by Jack
Represent human need to have moral support from others ­ they are so connected that they must do
everything as one

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Characters in Lord of the Flies

Some of the children are mentioned by name, but only very briefly. Piggy tries to make a list of names, but is
not able finish it
The children are known collectively as the littluns, however are not mentioned as much as other characters…


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