Characters in Lord of the Flies

Key Points and Imortant Quotes from each of the main characters in Golding's Lord of the Flies

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Characters in Lord of the Flies
Old English: `Wolf Council'
Charismatic Protagonist
Fair hair, tall and athletic
Represents order, civilisation, productive leadership
At beginning of novel, presented as perfect and infallible
Wants to get rescued: sets about building huts and making a signal fire
Democratically elected leader; has secure power and influence over the boys
Strong commitment to morality and civilisation
Cannot understand why boys would give in to bloodlust and barbarism
Resists temptation later in novel to join Jack's tribe: remains morally strong
Attends Jack's feast and experiences thrill of violence; participates in Simon's killing
Becomes an outcast "Cos I had some sense"
Tragic end for Ralph: rescued and returns to civilisation, however weeps with the burden of human capacity for evil
Ch. 1: "There was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil" ­ Never gives in to evil
Ch. 2: "Might have made a boxer" ­Strong, determined, SURVIVOR
Ch. 3: "He reached inside him for the worst word he knew... `Bloody'"
Ch. 7: "One might dream of rescue" ­ He is losing command and authority
Ch. 9: "[Piggy and] Ralph, under the threat of the sky, found themselves eager to take part in this demented but
partly secure society" ­Temptation to join Jack's tribe for security, strength in numbers
Ch. 10: "Desperately, Ralph prayed that the beast would prefer littluns" ­ Believes that there is a beast, and has a
moment of selfishness, ranking the littluns lower than himself
Ch. 11: "You're a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody thief" ­ Directly addresses Jack as the beast, which he
`proves true' in a way, by relishing in Piggy's death [it is Roger who commits the act]
Ch. 12: "Fiercely, he hit out at the filthy thing... still grinning in his face" ­ anger that evil has overtaken everyone,
but cannot destroy it ­ force is too strong
"Roger sharpened a stick at both ends... Ralph tried to attach a meaning to this but could not" ­ Ralph has little evil
inside him; does not understand that it will be used for his hunting
"Screaming / Snarling / Bloody /Swung / Swerved / Roar / Burst" ­ Ralph has degenerated into an animal now that
he is hunted
"'Who's boss here?' `I am', said Ralph loudly" ­ Right until the end, Ralph remains confident as a leader
"Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the true wise
friend called Piggy" ­ Realisation of Man's corruption; Piggy's wisdom, and loss of innocence, both on this island, and
as a metaphor for all of humanity. "Darkness of man's heart" ­ Reference to a novel dealing with evil within us all

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Characters in Lord of the Flies
Old English: Lord of the Land Hebrew: `Jacob' ­ One who takes over
Merridew: Lord of the Place
Leader of the choir and head boy at school, so a natural leader
However, he is a bully and disregards the health of Simon when he faints
Strong willed egomaniac, instinct of savagery, violence, desire for power
Fiery hair and ugly in appearance ­ represents hot-headed, unpleasant character
Desires power above all things ­ furious when he loses the `election'…read more

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Characters in Lord of the Flies
We never find out Piggy's real name ­ he is known only as Piggy
Represents the rational side of civilisation of the adult world. Always tries to act according to an absolute set
of standards
Physically disadvantaged; overweight, asthma, short-sighted. Needs his glasses to see properly.…read more

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Characters in Lord of the Flies
Hebrew: `Shim `on' ­ One who listens or observes"
First seen in choir robes, as a member of Jack's choir.…read more

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Characters in Lord of the Flies
Old English: Good with Spear
A member of Jack's choir, first described as slight and furtive
Sadistic, crueller boy who brutalises the littluns and eventually murders piggy with a boulder ­ with no order
from Jack.…read more

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Characters in Lord of the Flies
Sam `n' Eric
Remain closely allied with Ralph [good] for most of the novel, however turn to evil when forced by Jack
Represent human need to have moral support from others ­ they are so connected that they must do
everything as one
Respect Ralph as he offers a sense of security, and provides protection
Gradually loose individuality ­ become known an Samneric
First to see the parachutist, and over exaggerate what they saw, so that people believe there…read more

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Characters in Lord of the Flies
Some of the children are mentioned by name, but only very briefly. Piggy tries to make a list of names, but is
not able finish it
The children are known collectively as the littluns, however are not mentioned as much as other characters in
the novel are
Automatically obey Ralph because he is the most adult.
Only looking to fulfil basic needs, and so spend most days playing.…read more


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