characteristics of applications

notes on the applications of generic software

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Characteristics of applications
School admin systems
Store information about staff and students
Store details about the student like emergency numbers, address and
Store students marks like subject marks, historical data like past exam
results and generate reports on data
Store attendance details like attendance over time and reasons for any
absences, unauthorised absences and summaries of attendance.
Stock control systems
Monitor stock levels to see when they need to be replaced and by how much.
These use just in time (JIT) systems
Just in time systems (JIT)
Company buys goods they don't make a profit until they are sold on.
If a company buys products and doesn't sell them then they make a loss.
JIT systems allow companies to order the minimum of stock required as and
when stock levels run low
Use JIT systems to control stock levels
Stock control systems may also be able to analyse sales
Analyse their stocks too
Need larger orders for a particular product in case they need to stockpile
their product for the increase in demand.
Stock control systems are able to: list all stock items and suppliers, list of
components required to manufacture products, know when stock is too low
and more is needed, link orders to database, update stock counts when
deliveries are made, link with budgeting system so orders are based within
affordable limits and to predict stock requirements based on trends.
Booking system
Order things like train tickets, cinema tickets and holidays
This requires an event, a person and a date and time

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Booking systems are able to: avoid double bookings, allow a user to select
date and time, specify numbers, check availability, check price of overall
booking, change options, confirm bookings and allow payments to be made.
Route finders
Allow user to plot route between 2 points
Can be created prior a journey
Can be created as the journey is taking place e.g.…read more

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Data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the
4. Data must be accurate and up to date
5. Data must not be kept longer than necessary
6. Data must be processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject.
7. Measures must be taken to prevent unlawful processing or accidental
8. Data must not be transferred to a country outside the European economic
Area (EEA) unless that country has an adequate level of data protection
legislation.…read more


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