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Characteristics of the Crew
Books 9, 10, 11 and 12
Whilst in the city of the Cicones, after `But my fools of men refused. There was
Greed plundering the city, the crew feel the need to plenty of wine, plenty of livestock; and
further eat and drink and kill. (Book 9) they kept on drinking and butchering
Whilst the crew focused on more food and `But my fools of men refused'
Foolishness drink, the Cicones had time to gather an army `meanwhile the Cicones went and raised a
to chase out the Achaeans. (book 9) cry of help among other Cicones'
`At dawn, they were on us, thick as leaves'
The crew get drawn in by the lotus eaters and `All they now wanted was to stay where
the honeyed fruit and want to stay. Odysseus they were with the Lotuseaters, to
has to force them to continue. (Book 9) browse on the lotus and to forget all
thoughts of return'
Even though they have to be dragged away by `They came on board at once, took their
Obedience Odysseus from the lotus eaters, they still obey places at their oars and all together struck
and conform to his commands. (Book 9) the white surf with their blades'
The crew respect Odysseus and bring him a `But to me alone, they made an allotment
Respect greater share than anyone else in the Cyclopes of ten'
cave (Book 9)
Give Odysseus greater shares than anyone else `Buy my comradesinarms did me the
(Book 9) special honour'
The crew see the best option when confronted `My men begged me to let them take
Wise with the Cyclopes home, is to quickly take what away some of the cheeses, then come
they can and leave before any trouble happens. back, drive the kids and labs quickly out of
the pens down to the good ship, and so
set sail across the salt water'
Attempt to stop Odysseus from shouting more `my men called out, trying to restrain and
at Polyphemus in order to keep them safe pacify me'
(book 9)
Hubris They make sacrifices to the Gods (Book 9) `made an offering to the Gods'
Brave They always manage to find courage in each `A God now inspired them with
situation, no matter how daunting it may be. tremendous courage'
The crew begin to doubt Odysseus and feel `The crew began to discuss matters
Gossipers jealous of him. They think the bag he has amongst themselves, and word went
contains riches. (book 10) round that I was bringing home a fortune
in gold and silver'
They feel jealous of Odysseus' attention and `It's not fair, what a captain we have,
jealousy loathe it valued wherever he goes and welcomed
in every port. Back he comes with a
splendid haul of plunder, though we who
have one every bit as far come home with
empty hands'

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