Character Revelation for A Woman Of No Importance- Act 4

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Act 4- Characters
Name Quotation Character Revelation
Lady Hunstanton and Well there is a good deal to
Lord Hunstanton be said for blushing, if one
can do it at the proper
moment. Poor dear
Hunstanton used to tell me I
didn't blush nearly often
enough. But then he was
very particular. He wouldn't
let me know any of his men
friends, except those who
were over seventy, like poor
Lord Ashton: who
afterwards, by the way, was
brought into the Divorce
Court. A most unfortunate
Mrs. Allonby I delight in men over
seventy. They always offer
one the devotion of a
lifetime. I think seventy an
ideal age for a man.
Hester I was wrong. God's law is
only Love.
But you have two children
now. You'll let me be your
Gerald But the marriage must take
place first. It is a duty you
owe, not merely to yourself,
but to all other women- yes:
to all the other women in
the world, lest he betray
Mrs. Arbuthnot For though, day after day, at
morn or evensong, I have
knelt in God's house I have
never repented of my sin.
How could I repent of my sin
when you, my love, were its
fruit! Even now that you are
bitter to me I cannot
repents. I don't not. You are
more to me than innocence.
I would rather be your

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