Character Revelation for A Woman Of No Importance- Act 3

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Act 3- Characters
Name Quotation Character Revelation
Lady Caroline I think I had better look after
Lady Hunstanton Lady Stutfield is very
sympathetic. She is just as
sympathetic about one thing
as she is about another. A
beautiful nature.
Mrs. Allonby Savages seems to have
quite the same views as
cultured people on almost all
subjects. They are
excessively advanced.
Mr. Kelvil The secret to life is to
appreciate the pleasure o
being terribly, terribly
Lord Illingworth There is no secret of life.
Life's aim, if it has one, is
simply to be always looking
for temptations. There are
not nearly enough.
Hester Yes, it is right that the sins
of the parents should be
visited on the children. It is a
just law. It is God's law.
Gerald My dear mother, it all
sounds very tragic, of
course. But I dare say the girl
was as mush to blame as
Lord Illingworth was- after
all, would a really nice girl, a
girl with any nice feelings at
all, go away from her home
with a man to whom she
was married and live with
him as his wife?
Mrs. Arbuthnot After the child was born she
left him, taking the child
away, and her life was ruined,
and her soul ruined, and all
that was sweet and good
and pure in her ruined also.


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