Character Revelation for A Woman Of No Importance- Act 2

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Act 2- Characters
Name Quotation Character Revelation
Lady Caroline Might I, dear Miss Worsley,
as you are standing up, ask
you for my cotton that is
just behind you? Thank you.
Lady Hunstanton When I knew Lord
Illingworth first as plain
George Harford, he was
simply a very brilliant young
man about town, with not a
penny of money except
what poor dear Lady Cecilia
gave him. She was quite
devoted to him. Chiefly, I
fancy, because he was on
bad terms with his father.
Mrs. Allonby I don't think we should ever
be spoken of as other
people's property. All men
are married women's
Lord Illingworth Don't be deceived, Rachel.
Children begin by loving their
parents. After a time they
judge them. Rarely, if ever,
do they forgive them.
Gerald But a man can't always stay
with his mother. No chap
does. I want to make myself
a position, to do something.
I thought you would have
been proud to see me Lord
Illingworth's secretary.
Lady Stutfield Oh, I think one can always
know at once whether a
man has home claims upon
his life or not. I have noticed
a very very sad expression in
the eyes of so many married
Dr. Daubeny Her deafness is a great
privation to her. She can't
even hear my sermons now.
She reads them at home.

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But she has many resources
in herself, many resources.
Mrs. Arbuthnot I have had twenty years of
sorrow, and I have only had
one thing to love me, only
one thing to love. You have
had a life of joy and pleasure
and success... don't come
now, and rob me of.... Of all
I have, of all I have in the
whole world.…read more


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