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Character profile: Alexander III
Name: Alexander Alexandrovich (A.K.A Alexander III and Alexander the Peacemaker)
Date of birth: 10 March 1845
Place of birth: Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Date of death: 1 November 1894
Famed for reversing some of the liberal measures of his predecessor and father Alexander II.
He didn't resemble his liberal and compassionate father, nor did he resemble his granduncle
(Alexander I) who was: refined, philosophical, sentimental, chivalrous yet cunning.In fact he lacked
elegance even though he had an interest in both ballet and music but took delight in being of the
same character as some of his subjects. He adopted a straight forward manner, and expressed
himself directly, which complimented his immobile features and lethargic movements.
He was extremely tall, measuring over six feet, and was famed for his immense physical strength.
He was also the victim of mockery due to a sebaceous cyst on the left side of his nose, which is
why portraits and photos of him convey only the right side of his face.
Alexandre Benois (influential artist, historian, preservationist and founding member of World Of Art)
" I was struck by the size of the man, and although cumbersome and heavy, he was still a mighty
figure. There was indeed something of the muzhic (Russian peasant) about him. The look of his
bright eyes made quite an impression on me. As he passed where I was standing, he raised his
head for a second, and to this day I can remember what I felt as our eyes met. It was a look as cold
as steel, in which there was something threatening, even frightening, and it struck me like a blow.
The Tsar's gaze! The look of a man who stood above all others, but who carried a monstrous
burden and who every minute had to fear for his life and the lives of those closest to him. In later
years I came into contact with the Emperor on several occasions, and I felt not the slightest bit
timid. In more ordinary cases Tsar Alexander III could be at once kind, simple, and even almost
It was not realistic for Alexander to consider succeeding to the throne as his older brother, Nicolas,
was seen as a robust constitution. Consequently he didn't receive the education of a tsarevich but
of an ordinary Grand Duke, who learnt a variety of languages including:French,English and German
as well as military drills.
When he became heir apparent in 1865 he began to study law and administration through
Konstantin Pobedonostsev who was a professor of civil law.

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Pobedonostsev taught Alexander that an enthusiasm for Russian Orthadox thought, was a vital
factor of Russian patriotism, that should be taken on board by every emperor.He thought that
Russia could be saved from revolutionary agitation by conforming to Nicholas I ideologies of:
Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality.He dreamt of a nation composed of a single nationality,
language and religion, which he enforced by imposing The Russian language throughout the
empire.…read more


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