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Case Study ­ Jack

Jack is a successful manager of a
company selling hampers he is a
young entrepreneur and the business has
only been running for 2 years. However his
business has got off to a flying start and his
products are selling really well. He…

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Jack has got to the stage where he has a whole list of various applicants that have applied
however Jack has forgotten the next steps in the recruitment process.

Explain the next steps in the recruitment process to Jack.


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for any other ethnic group than the British. As a firm we also do not hold it
responsible as employers to create a safe working environment it is the employees'

What laws is Jack breaking in the job advert on the previous page he has created?…

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6. _____________________________________________________________________


Jack has received hundreds of enquiries from potential candidates each supplying their CV.
However Jack hasn't got the time to fill his busy day looking through hundreds of job
applicants to decide which one is most suitable for the job. So he has kindly…

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course and key
Carmen Vos 3 GCSEs including No experience Home PC &
English and Maths ­ Both except for work Nintendo DS
Grade D experience at a
pet shop
Gareth Lunn 2 GCSEs including 2 years experience Community Award
Science and History ­ at Sainsbury's…

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Samuel Ross 5 GCSEs including Little experience ­ Diploma in
English and IT ­ Both Worked at his Photography
Grade C dad's business Driving Licence
wheelchairs, in the
Tom Keane 6 GCSEs including 6 years experience Has a Duke of
English and Maths ­ Both…

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Take a guess who you think the chosen candidate is...

Write you answer in the box below:


I hope you have learnt something from this and found it enjoyable

Please hand back to Chloë to see if you have chosen the correct candidate…


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