Chapter 4 - People At Work - Worksheet

A brilliant worksheet I created for revising Chapter 4 - People At Work - At the end of it you will be able to understand the whole chapter

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Case Study ­ Jack
Jack is a successful manager of a
company selling hampers he is a
young entrepreneur and the business has
only been running for 2 years. However his
business has got off to a flying start and his
products are selling really well. He
employs 11 full time employees and 17
part time employees. Jack has just
launched a new hamper for the Easter period.
He has recently got a contract from
Sainsbury's for 2900 hampers. He needs
to employ a further 5 more employees to
meet the demand of Sainsbury's order as
they request the order in 5 weeks time.
Jack doesn't want 10 full time employees as when this big order is out of the way what he will
do with them all. He decides to advertise a vacancy for workers that will just pack hampers.
See Page 2 for his job vacancy.
Explain the advantages to Jack of employing parttime rather than fulltime staff.
Jack then has the problem that his staffs are not motivated. He realises that there are
various motivational methods but can't decide which type would be more beneficial for his
Advice Jack on the motivational techniques they could use. Justify you answer.
After six months the business is getting busier than predicted. Jack has realised he needs
another supervisor that will deal with large orders. So Jack has set out to recruit a
Do you think Jack should recruit internally or externally? Explain your answer.
Jack realises he has to be careful when recruiting new employees. He understands there
are a few acts he has to abide by.
Do employment laws help or hinder small businesses such as this hamper business?
Explain your answer.
Please answer all questions in bold on lined paper unless otherwise stated
Chloë Pooley Year 10 Business Studies Revision

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for any other ethnic group than the British. As a firm we also do not hold it
responsible as employers to create a safe working environment it is the employees'
What laws is Jack breaking in the job advert on the previous page he has created?
1. _____________________________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________________
4. _____________________________________________________________________
5.…read more

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course and key
Carmen Vos 3 GCSEs including No experience Home PC &
English and Maths ­ Both except for work Nintendo DS
Grade D experience at a
pet shop
Gareth Lunn 2 GCSEs including 2 years experience Community Award
Science and History ­ at Sainsbury's in Cycling
Both Grade F filling up shelves Proficiency
John Jones 4 GCSEs including Worked in dad's Food & Hygiene
French and Maths ­ Both business selling certificate
Grade D ice creams but Has a home…read more

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Samuel Ross 5 GCSEs including Little experience ­ Diploma in
English and IT ­ Both Worked at his Photography
Grade C dad's business Driving Licence
wheelchairs, in the
Tom Keane 6 GCSEs including 6 years experience Has a Duke of
English and Maths ­ Both working as a Edinburgh Gold
Grade A supervisor in award
warehouse Has an IPad
List your chosen 5 candidates to interview
1. ___________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________________
5.…read more

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Take a guess who you think the chosen candidate is...…read more


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