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1. Describe how relief can affect the population density of an area?
(4 marks)
Sparsely populated areas have high relief and high land is mountainous
and inhospitable, e.g. Himalayas, whereas densely populated areas have
low relief, due to low land which is flat and…

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Lastly it causes a large work force who cannot get jobs leads to begging in
the streets
7. Suggest reasons why some Low Income Countries have a high
birth rate? (4 Marks)
LIC's commonly have a high birth rate due to lack of contraception
because of poverty, no money so…

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10. Suggest reasons for the distribution of population in Wales? (4
11. Choose one country with an ageing population, Explain the
advantages of an ageing population for this country (6 Marks)
Japan is an ageing population, this comes with many advantages such as
the greying yen. There is a…

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the UK are that transport links are difficult due to the mountains, this means
low density in places like Scotland. Central Wales has a low density
because it has high relief and weather is not good, also transport is very
difficult due to the remoteness.
14. Outline one human reason…

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also climate is a physical factor which makes eastern china a highly dense
area, as the climate of china is very diverse and they do not receive
extreme climates.



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