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Chapter 1 Summary

Data, Information and Knowledge

Data is made up of alphanumeric characters.
Information = Data + Structure + Context + Meaning
Knowledge is the application and use of the information.

Representation Methods

1. Text (including writing)

Advantages Disadvantages

Clear to understand Need to be able to read.


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Not language dependent. Problems if sound.
Can exemplify text.

5. LED (sequence of lights)

Advantages Disadvantages
Can allow data to be kept secure. Need to be able to see the lights.

Can be used in noisy places. Combinations of lights may need to be
known to be understood.
Similar to…

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Analysis might already have May not have all the
been completed on some of information about how, when
the data. and where it was collected to
make a valued opinion on its
If the information was not
originally collected, may not
be able to get hold of it.


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Can access a lot of free content.

Quality of Information

1. Accuracy
2. Relevance
3. Age
4. Completeness
5. Presentation
6. Level of Detail



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