Chapter 1 gatsby

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Chapter 1
Summary: The reader learns some of Nick's background, and then goes on to explain his move to
West Egg, he moves into a small house that is next door to a huge mansion (belonging to Gatsby).
Nick goes to visit his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom Buchannan who live at East Egg. Here he
meets Jordan Baker who introduces Gatsby to the story. This is also when Tom Buchannan's affair is
learnt of by Nick and therefore the reader. When Nick returns home he catches a glimpse of Gatsby
reaching towards a green light on the Buchannan's dock.
Good quotes
`an extraordinary gift for hope' ­ gives an insight into the character of Gatsby and also links to the setting at
the end of the chapter, as the green light is a symbol of this `hope'.
`what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams' ­ reference not only to the fall of Gatsby's dreams but also
to the fall of the American Dream.
`we have a tradition that we're descended from Dukes' ­ shows that the character of Nick pretends to be
someone he's not, also helps the reader to understand that narrative voice.
`squeezed between two huge places' ­ the setting shows how Nick does not belong in the world of wealth
and further implies how he tries to be someone he isn't.
`and were rich together' ­ shows the shallowness of Tom and Daisy's characters and their relationship, this
contrast to the intense emotion the Gatsby feels for Daisy
`a cruel body' ­ gives an insight to both Nick and Tom's character's. Shows the harshness of Tom compared
to how Gatsby is described later in the novel and also shows how Nick is judgemental.
`frosted wedding cake ceiling' and `wine coloured rug'- the setting is over the top, and it's reference to
celebratory items show that is fake and materialistic.
`you ought to see the baby' ­the use of Daisy's voice shows her shallow character because she speaks of
her child distantly with no emotional connections and objectifies it, by the use of language `the'
`you must know Gatsby'- Jordan's voice is important in this chapter because it sparks off Nick's (and Daisy's)
interest in Gatsby.
`an absolute rose' ­ typical stereotypical description, again Daisy's voice proves her shallow character.
`Tom's got some women in New York' ­ Jordan's voice moves the plot along by revealing information to Nick
and the reader, it also develops her character as a gossip.
`that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool' ­ daisy's voice show her perception on
the treatment of women, and possibly her view of Tom, the phrase may also mirror Daisy's character as she
presents herself as a `beautiful fool'
`single green light' ­ an important setting as it is repeated throughout and is also where Nick first see's Gatsby


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