Chapter 11 AQA AS Biology Unit 2 The Cell Cycle

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11 The Cell Cycle
Replication of DNA
2 main stages:
1. Nuclear division- meiosis- mitosis
2. Cell division- follows nuclear division
BEFORE nucleus divides, DNA must be replicated.
Semi-conservative replication model
For this to take place, there are 4 conditions:
1. The 4 types of nucleotide must be present with their base pairs (AT, GC)
2. Both strands of DNA must act as a template for the attraction of these bases
3. Enzyme DNA Polymerase is needed to catalyse the reaction
4. A source of chemical energy is needed to drive the process

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MITOSIS- produces 2 diploid daughter nuclei
MEIOSIS- produces 4 haploid daughter nuclei
Important for:
The Cell Cycle
Has 3 stages:
1.…read more

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NUCLEAR DIVISION, when the nucleus divides into two (mitosis) or four (meiosis)
3. CELL DIVISION, process by which the whole cell divides into two (mitosis) or four (meiosis)
As a result of damage to the genes that regulate mitosis leading to uncontrolled division of cells. A
large group of abnormal cells is called a tumour.…read more


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