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Fact sheet: green industry

The operations of a manufacturing process
Chemical industry makes money thorough chemical conversions and then selling
products for further chemical reactions or forming final products. These final
products vary from cleaners, paint, inks, dies and soaps to medicine, polymers
pesticides, fertilizers and fuels to name…

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hydrogen mixture can be directly converted in to ammonia. Air water and methane
are the raw materials of ammonia. Methane reacted with steam to produce
hydrogen, nitrogen obtained through fractional distillation of liquidities air.

Important factor of feedstock preparation is getting it in to a manageable form,
gases and liquids…

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chemical plant, than developments of a new one
save on cost of canteen, medical centre and administration block if they are
shared between the existing and new plants
However many well-established locations have problems extending their plant
or building new facilities due to concerns with the growing population, so

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Green industry
This is to limit the impact on the ecosystem, this is done by:
minimizing waste by; recycling and making use of waste products
reduce energy consumption by; catalyst or enzymes, these reduce the
activation energy to less is needed therefore increasing atom economy
reduce feedstock consumption

These also…


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