Changing role of women 1940s-1970s

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Changing role of women 1940s-1970s

Women in the Second World War

1941: single & later married women
without children were conscripted.
Working women over 7 million.
½ million = army,
Introduction of school meals for children = easy to balance work & home life.
Not allowed use a gun or…

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Women started to campaign - women's rights in work, pay, education and
support in issues like divorce and contraception = felt like second-class citizens
& not receive adequate support from state

Change of life of women by 1975

Name Who How Effect
Contraceptive Pill Enoch Powell then Pill available from…

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Politicians often defenceless against pressure of organisation
like this = Women's lib. useful in terms of voting

2. European influence
Jan 1973 joined European Economic Community (EEC/European
Follow EEC Treaty & any changes that brought in within this

3. Attitude of Labour Government
Introduced liberal reforms that the Conservative…


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