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Patterns Explanations
Divorce Since the 1960s there's been a great increase in numbers of 1) Changes in the law- equal grounds for divorce, widening grounds for divorce, making divorce cheape
divorces in UK. In 1993 the number peaked at 180,000. It 2) Declining stigma and changing attitudes- removal of negative…

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Cohabitation 2 million cohabiting couples in the UK- ¼ of all married Relationship between marriage and cohabitation ­ for some couple cohabitation is a step before
couples are cohabiting. marriage but for some it is a permanent alternative.
Reflects decline in stigma attached to sex outside marriage Robert Chester- part…

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Lone-parent 24% of all families are lone parent families Number of lone parent families has increased due to the increase in divorce and separation- also linked
families 90% of all lone parent families headed by lone mothers in decline in stigma attached to births outside of marriage. In the past,…

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