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Changing Countryside

85% of the population in Malawi live in the countryside. Malawi faces many issues including debt,
poverty, poor levels of education and poverty


RURAL ISOLATION: Rural areas have very poor communications. In 2007, Malawi had only 1 phone
line for every 139 people. Rural coverage for…

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IDEA 3: Mushrooms are a potential crop which could help those families affected by HIV/AIDS.
Residents are trained to grow mushrooms and are given small loans to buy the compost needed.
They can sell the mushrooms to the supermarkets and then spend the profits on improving their
quality of life.…

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Footpath Erosion

a) Spending money on repairing the footpaths.
b) Close down areas where erosion is the most serious.
c) Put up notice boards to educate people about footpath erosion.

Traffic Congestion

a) Park and ride schemes in towns such as Windermere. Where people park their car away from


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