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How to do it...
r2 r1…read more

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r2 - r1 . Explained.
What I did there was simple. Here is the sum.
631.631631 r2
0.631631 r1
631.000000…read more

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Here's where it gets hard...
r2 r1
0.2555 (r1)
2.3…read more

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Hope that helps!…read more

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About the author.
Hi! I'm X_GHOST_CODE.exe. Wired name, I know. I am just a normal GCSE
student hoping to help people. If you found it helpful, please recommend it.
This is my first presentation and I would really appreciate it if you
recommend this to encourage me to continue. I hope to post more up so
watch this spot! If you wish to edit this PowerPoint, enable file extension
names and change the .pps into .ppt/.pptx .…read more


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