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ATLEE V. CHURCHILL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Hugh Dalton:
- Nationalised the Bank of England
- £50million National Land Fund (to buy important land/buildings as "a thank-offering for victory and a war-memorial").
- Balance of payments problem and Stafford-Cripps conspiring = Dalton under strain.
- Accidentally leaked his budget whilst stock-market…

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- Balance of payments - proposed tough 1960 budget.
- Mac disagrees. Heathcoat-Amory fired.

- Pay pause in public sector wages.
- Taxing children's pocket money - raised taxes on sweets.
- National Economic Development Council proved useless (NEDDY).
- 1961 emergency package.
- Unable to cope with…

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- Died a month after he was appointed the position.
- Outline for Budget included severe cuts in spending (e.g. snatching milk) and tax reforms, much of which was used.

- Took measures to join the EEC: replacing Purchase Tax with VAT, relaxing exchange controls (over foreign imports).




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