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Challenges for the Planet ­ Revision Lesson 2

1. Use the information below and your textbook to answer the following questions.
a. What is the Kyoto protocol and when was it set up?
b. What was it the result of?
c. Describe briefly the objectives.
d. Why did some countries…

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Q and A: Bali climate conference
Delegates from nearly 190 countries are meeting for two weeks in Bali to
discuss climate change.

A principal objective is to agree a "Bali roadmap", a process leading to a successor
agreement to the Kyoto Protocol, whose targets for reducing greenhouse gas
emissions expire…

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though smaller than those facing richer countries.

Many countries, richer and poorer, including the US, Canada and India, are not
prepared to accept binding numerical emissions targets at this stage.

How urgent is the need for an agreement in Bali?

A widespread consensus holds that a new set of targets…

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Most developing countries, and the EU, are adamant that the UN process should
remain paramount; and it is the only process that includes virtually all of the world's

What happens next?

The UN climate roadshow moves on, with or without its roadmap, to Poland in
December 2008 and Denmark…


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